March 8th, 2019

ATARAXIE "Résignés" album OUT NOW

ATARAXIE new album "Résignés" is out today!

Résignés“, the new album, is all but just “music”, it’s a painful experience to be suffered by all senses, by all organs, innards… It’s not just like swarming in the sewers. It’s drowning in an oil spill of cataclysmic proportions where deep growls sound like the last words expectorated through a last breath from oil-filled lungs and screams express the utter madness invading the mind of the soon-to-be-dead, you.

Mixed by Sylvain BIGUET (TREPALIUM, EIBON, DISOWNING…) and mastered by Collin JORDAN (VOIVOD, EYEHATEGOD, YOB…) again, “Résignés” deals with the global failure of a whole specie chewing the rotten remains of the planet that once fed it, vowing itself to its own demise, wallowing in pathetic beliefs in a hallucinated salvation.

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February 4th, 2019


"Therapy” is an enormous bone-breaker and head-mover, but also an engine for the generation of ominous and harrowing atmospherics" NO CLEAN SINGING

We're proud to unveil you the first song from The Lumberjack Feedback"Mere Mortals" in conspiracy with NO CLEAN SINGING.

"Mere Mortals" is available on CD, LP, Tape, & special packs for preorder on our shop

To be released on april 26th

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January 25th, 2019

SOFY MAJOR "Total Dump" out now!

Noise rock trio SOFY MAJOR (France) are releasing today their new album "Total Dump" via Deadlight Records (CD), Antena & Corpse Flower (Vinyl).

"Total Dump" contains 11 tracks recorded & mixed by Dave Curran (UNSANE, BIG BUSINESS) then mastered by Carl Saff (FU MANCHU, ROSETTA).

The album is available on full streaming on Youtube here

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