January 23rd, 2017


Nous sommes fiers de vous dévoiler la cover d' "Heureux d'Etre Content" nouvel album de Babylon Pression qui a été réalisée par Elvisdead qui a notamment travaillé pour Queens of the Stone Age , (the) Melvins , Monster Magnet.

"Heureux d'Etre Content" sortira le 21 avril prochain en CD sur Deadlight Entertainment et peut etre précommandé via le lien ci-dessous. Pour info, les frais de port sont offerts pendant les précommandes.

2 titres déjà disponibes en streaming

"La Boîte à Partouze"

"J'arrive quand j'arrive"

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January 6th, 2017


Deadlight is proud to welcome french act DELIVERANCE to its ranks!

Created in 2012 by Etienne Sarthou ( AqME , LAZY, GRYMNT) & Pierre Duneau ( MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN), they quickly set the foundations of its musical identity then released a debut EP "Doomsday Please" highly acclaimed by medias like Metal Injection.

DELIVERANCE then recorded its debut full length entitled "CHRST" which was mastered by Magnus Lindbergh from Cult of Luna and which release is set for spring of 2017.

About the signing "Etienne approached us with everything we're looking for in a collaboration. "CHRST" is an amazing piece of blackened post rock/ sludge which already fit perfectly in the label catalog of releases" says Alexandre Martinez, boss of Deadlight Entertainment.

Pierre Duneau : vocals
Etienne Sarthou : guitare
Sacha Février (aka Easy Sacha - MYSTERY TATTOO CLUB) : bass
Julien Hekking (AQME, GRYMNT) : guitar
Fred Quota : drums

Photo by Pauline Talarn

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